Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer some frequently asked questions about our services, education, and script packages. Feel free to search to find answers and ask questions if you have them.

General Questions

Can you help me understand what is included in the All Inclusive Day Trader Package?


This package of scripts contains all of the day trading scripts including:

    1. Advanced Entry and Exit Indicator
    2. Trend Buy and Sell Indicator
    3. Trend Red Light/Green Light Master Grid
    4. RVOL Indicators
    5. VWAP Indicators
    6. ATR Levels Indicator
    7. EMA Cloud Indicator
    8. Previous Day Values Indicator
    9. Pivot Levels Indicator
    10. TTM Squeeze Indicator
    11. Market Muscle View
    12. Historical Breadth Indicators
    13. TICK Cumulative Indicator
    14. Bonus Scripts
    15. Stock scans provided to help discover new opportunities

This bundle of scripts will help you narrow your focus and simplify your trading.


How do I see all the charts at one time? How do you navigate the charts?

About Our Services

Technical Trader Institute Services

We offer educational programs and software to help simplify trading and investments.

Education Services

We offer 6 different education packages to help you take your trading to the next level. 

1. Day Trader

2. Swing Trader

3. Options Trader

4. Futures Trader

5. Income Trader

6. All Inclusive Package


ThinkOrSwim (TOS) Script Packages

We have developed a streamlined set of indicators and scans in 1 bundle that we think are best so that you can narrow your focus and simplify your trading.

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